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Product Review: OT Defense Nub Mod

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

"Game Changer" for Those With Difficulty Disengaging the Safariland ALS Retention

If you've ever had trouble reaching the tiny little nub Safariland provides to disengage your ALS retention device, you are not alone. Faster and more consistent draws can be found using the Oregon Trail Defense Nub Mod. I have been using the Nub Mod for duty and training applications with my Safariland ALS and ALS/SLS holsters for about two years. I even used it in USPSA shooting competitions before diving in and purchasing dedicated competition gear. While Safariland holsters are great, the Nub Mod gives it that extra "je ne sais quos."

First Impressions

At first glance, the Nub Mod is a solid piece of equipment. Plainly described, it is a two-piece metal attachment fixed onto the existing ALS nub and is secured by a hex screw. The ALS/SLS model is slightly smaller than the ALS only model but still large enough to provide a significant benefit over the original ALS nub.

After deciding to carry my Staccato P Duo 2011 for duty, I purchased a nub mod for my duty holster. When it arrived, I was disappointed to find that it was plastic instead of metal but my concerns soon dissipated as the plastic piece proved itself enduring my heavy use.


Since installing my first Nub Mod about two years ago, I've used it in numerous shooting classes, training days, on duty, and in competition. Not once has the metal or plastic Nub Mod failed me.

I have found my draws to be consistently smoother and faster. The ALS is easier to fully disengage due to the extra material on the Nub Mod, allowing your thumb to more consistently reach it and requiring an ever so slightly shorter distance to travel from front of ALS to the full rearward position of the ALS.

I'm so satisfied with the performance of the OT Defense Nub Mod that almost every one of my Safariland holsters has one installed. When I've loaned my holster to others, I usually get the holster back along with bewilderment at how much easier it was to disengage the ALS with the Nub Mod installed. Most have called it a "game changer" or "stupid easy".

Pros and Cons

I have found the Nub Mod to be easy to install and use. I have not experienced any issues, however, in the Staccato ALS/SLS model packaging, there is a disclaimer that due to the tolerances of the Safariland SLS hood, a spacer (included in Staccato Nub Mod purchase) may be required to provide extra clearance for the Nub Mod. This was not the case for me but you may find it necessary.

Also, it should be noted that while the standard metal model is not permanently fixed and is transferable between holsters, the Staccato model is attached using SuperGlue and is will remain permanently fixed to your ALS.

The Verdict

I have been using Safariland holsters for almost 13 years and train/shoot far more than the average person. Unfortunately, Safariland hasn't done much in the way of innovation (the 7TS and poppy wrapped holsters don't count) since I began using their holsters. Oregon Trail Defense really knocked it out of the park with this product.

For those with shorter thumbs who find it difficult to almost impossible to reach the ALS with a proper draw stroke, the OT Defense Nub Mod is a must. For the rest of us, it's a really, really nice to have.

At $29.99 for the standard (metal) model and $16.99 for the Staccato (plastic) model, the Nub Mod won't break the bank. We all could save some money, however, if the factory ALS was manufactured with a larger nub. I'm looking at you Safariland. Until then, I'll be purchasing one for every Safariland holster I puchase.

You can purchase the OT Nub Mod here. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Leave a comment and share your experience if you've used the OT Nub Mod before.

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