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Courses Offered

All classes offered by MarishiTen. If you don't see a class you are interested in, please email to make a suggestion.

Pistol Safety and Fundamentals

This course introduces students to firearms safety, types of handguns, marksmanship fundamentals, and range etiquette.

No experience required.

Practical Pistol

Students are introduced to drawing from a holster and learn how to increase speed, accuracy, and consistency with a handgun. Students also learn how to clear the common handgun malfunctions safely and efficiently.

Completion of Pistol Safety and Fundamentals course or equivalent required.

Enhanced Pistol Mechanics

This class pushes students toward a higher level of gun handling, shooting at multiple targets and shooting on the move.

Completion of Holstered Pistol course or equivalent required.

Red Dot Pistol

2-Days in the classroom and live fire range designed to help students master pistol mounted optics and techniques to unlock speed and accuracy.

Completion of Advanced Pistol course or equivalent required.

Pistol Mastery

This class takes students beyond marksmanship and is centered around advanced skills and drills.

Completion of Advanced Pistol course or equivalent required.

Firearms Safety Zoom Class (By Request)

Firearms safety lesson offered via Zoom. Available by request.

No experience required.

Handgun Maintenance (By Request)

Learn how to disassemble, clean, lubricate, and reassemble your handgun.

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